Mastering Change

1 Day

Program Overview

“Effective change is not something you do to people. It’s something you do with them.” — Ken Blanchard

Change is inevitable — learning is optional. Change comes with the territory of being a leader. And leaders have two primary functions: 1) Creating a compelling vision, and 2) Converting that vision into results that count.

Is your organisation facing significant changes in the near future? Are you experiencing resistance from managers or staff? If so, this one day workshop will provide you with tangible tools to move from resistance to commitment.

Learning Outcomes

This workshop focuses on best-practice principles and pragmatic tools for change agents to facilitate moving from where we are now to where we want to be.

Training Methodology

The programme is fully interactive and uses a variety of methods to engage participants, maintain interest and enhance learning.

Programme delivery includes instructor led lectures, real life exercises, case study reviews, role playing scenarios and group discussions using an integrated highly participative learning approach.

Experiential, action-based activities and exercises will be employed to help participants generate new ideas and apply practical tools that can be implemented within their own organisations..

Who Should Attend

The programme is designed for C–Level Executives, Directors, Functional Managers, Project and Programme Managers and essentially all management and supervisors with responsibility for leading individuals and teams.

HR Leaders and Business Partners, Training & Development / Organisational Development Specialists, and Career Coaches/Mentors will also find the programme to be a particularly relevant addition to their current tools and skill sets.

Prerequisite for attending:

3 to 5 years minimum experience in a managerial position of relevance to the topic at hand.

Level of Course

Intermediate to Advanced. Some fundamental understanding of HR practices together with current leadership responsibility is essential.

Course contents include:

  • Sustaining Our Mission & Values while Embracing the New Strategic Direction
  • Reinventing Ourselves, Our Products, and Our Services
  • Making Conscious Choices — Regression or Growth
  • Moving Off Our Stuck State
  • Expanding our Circle of Influence
  • Moving Past Resistance
  • Working Through the 4 Stages of Change
  • Balancing Courage and Safety
  • Linking Empowerment with Accountability
  • Delivering Results that Count
  • Making It Stick — Building Both “buy in” and “stay in” commitment to change