Impactful Integrated Talent Management

Flexible 2 day session subject to extent of case study and workshop content.

Program Overview

This workshop is built on the best-practice, global truth that any good and powerful Talent Management programme or system is one that is fully integrated from beginning to end and is part of a full-cycle HR process from business planning to strategic HR planning, to recruitment and selection, to on-boarding, to performance management, to skills gap assessments, to learning and development, to Hi-potential identification, to career pathing and succession planning. All should be built on the same foundation and this workshop weaves them all together in one integrated whole.

Working, non-theoretical models and examples of best practice illustrated by real life case studies will be used enabling participants to identify and relate to the elements of best practice that they can incorporate into their own company culture and context.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate the power and value of competency-based, full-cycle HR applications.
  • Ensure HR interventions are aligned to business Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).
  • Discover how to adapt Talent Management policy and best practice within all organisational cultures.
  • Understand the value of integrating learning and development and performance management to maximise Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Appreciating the challenges when trying to assess someone’s Performance versus Potential.
  • Discover best practice understanding for identification of Hi-potentials leading to effective career pathing and succession planning

Training Methodology

The programme is fully interactive and uses a variety of methods to engage participants, maintain interest and enhance learning.

Relevant, real-life Case Studies that the trainer was actually involved in will be shared and discussed.

Experiential, action-based activities and exercises will be employed to help participants focus new ideas and tools in real organisational contexts.

Who Should Attend

HR, Training and Development, Human Capital Development, Organisational Development professionals and Career Coaches/Mentors who want to implement best practices, integrated Talent Management processes and methods.

Prerequisite for attending:

3 to 5 years of experience in a managerial position of relevance for the topic at hand.

Level of Course

Intermediate to Advanced. Some fundamental understanding of HR practices, learning and development models and/or career planning, however basic, would be an advantage.

Session One
  • Introduction, Credibility Profile and Workshop Guidelines.
  • From Personnel Management to Human Resource Development to Integrated Talent Management.
  • Command and Control vs. Empowered Cultures.
  • Global Talent Management Benchmarks and Standards - What they all have in common.

Interactive Talent Management Case Study - F100 Global Technology.

Session Two
  • Primary Reasons Why People Give More, Are More Productive and Stay Longer.
  • Leading For Performance - Creating Giants of others.

Session Three

  • Aligning business goals and HR Strategy.
  • Competency-based, Integrated Talent Management Frameworks.
  • Competency based Recruitment, Reward and Training Needs Analysis.

Session Four
  • Day One Recap

Interactive Competency Framework Case Studies – Real Estate, Retail and Banking Sectors.

Session Five
  • Assessing Performance and Potential.
  • Using 9-Box Talent Management Assessment Grids.
  • Hi-potential Identification and Career Pathing - Strengthening Your Bench.
  • Using Psychometrics to assess potential.

Interactive Hi-Potential Case Study – National Oil & Gas Major.

Session Six
  • Implementing Impactful Integrated Talent Management within your own organisation.

Implementation planning workshop and discussion.

  • Concluding Remarks and Q&A