Advanced Interview & Selection Skills

2 days - (flexibly structured as required).

Program Overview

This programme develops the skills needed to accurately select the best candidates (internal and external) for a role using predictive performance and competency / capability criteria.

It covers the entire interview process with emphasis on the PRICE structure and question plan (Prepare, Rapport, Interview, Close and Evaluate).

It provides the interviewer with the skills to apply STAR questioning techniques (Situation, Task, Action and Result) effectively and professionally.

Key learning is prioritised on the ability to conduct an objective, criteria based interview both as an individual interviewer and as an interview panel member.

Emphasis is on practical learning and improved capability and confidence for all participants within the context of an efficient overall process.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

Conduct a robust selection interview within a defined structure/agenda that identifies the best candidate for the role.

Take a logical approach to selection interviewing using the PRICE structure and question plan.

Prepare effectively for selection interviews.

Build and maintain appropriate rapport with candidates and manage expectations when closing selection interviews.

Conduct STAR selection interviews effectively enabling predictive assessment of future performance.

Objectively evaluate the interview based on relevant competency criteria to help select the best possible candidate 

Training Methodology

Based on extensive practical experience and best practices honed over time, the focus is on extending knowledge and development of capability to conduct professional and effective interview and selection processes.

As such, following frequent informative inputs, much of the event is based on practice, feedback, review and further practice – developing the necessary confidence and competence required to demonstrate ‘Advanced Interview and Selection Skills’.

Who Should Attend

The programme should be attended by anyone who is involved in the resourcing and recruitment process.

It is particularly valuable to leaders and managers who are conducting interviews as part of hiring externally or assessing those internally who are suitable for a new or more senior role.

Similarly, the programme is valuable to any HR professional who is providing a resourcing and recruitment service to their business clients.

Essentially, if you are involved in any form of hiring, this programme will improve your capability to select best candidates.

Level of Course

Advanced – It is anticipated that those attending will be involved in the later, decision making stages of the resourcing process and, as such, have immediate use for the learning from the programme.

Session 1

Resourcing/Recruitment : Frequent Current Practice.

Resourcing/Recruitment : Less Frequent Best Practice.

Resourcing/Recruitment : Strategic Business Advantage.

Exercise 1 – Facilitated discussion

Session 2

Resourcing as the cornerstone of Integrated Talent Management

Exercise 2 – Instruction and facilitated discussion.

Session 3

Criteria Based Interviews – Behavioural and Technical Competencies.

Instruction and facilitated discussion.

Exercise 3 – Criteria Based Interviews. Paired practice

Session 4

STAR Questioning Approach – Instruction and facilitated discussion

Session 5

The Preparation Phase – Instruction and facilitated discussion.

Exercise 5 – Panel interview simulation.

Question Plans – Instruction and facilitated discussion.

Exercise 6 – Individual question plan preparation.

Session 6

The Rapport Phase

First Impressions and bias avoidance – Instruction and facilitated discussion.

Exercise 7 – Paired interview rapport simulations.

The Interview – Instruction and facilitated discussion.

Exercise 8 – Traffic Lights. Group Exercise.

Exercise 9 – Effective Listening. Instruction and paired simulations.

The Close Phase – Instruction and facilitated discussion.

Exercise 10 – Paired interview closing simulations.

Session 7

The Evaluation Phase – Instruction, practice and facilitated discussion on selection evaluation scoring methodologies.

Exercise 11 – Dice game/ session summary.

Session 8

Review and Feedback

Final Tips – Learning Transfer